Ostomy pouches

Ostomy Pouches There are so many different types of ostomy pouches that it can be confusing for not only patients but for nurses and therapists as well. In the past there were only a handful of pouching systems to choose from, but thankfully there are now a variety of  products that have been created to … Read more

What is a loop ostomy?

What is a loop ostomy? A loop ostomy is a type of surgical procedure that involves creating a stoma by using a loop of the intestine, hence the name “loop ostomy.”  A loop of the intestine is brought to the surface of the abdomen and a stoma is formed so stool can exit the body.  … Read more

Ostomy Management Specialist Certification – Are you prepared?

Preparing for the OMS board exam Preparing for the Ostomy Management Specialist board certification exam is no easy task.  I know how stressful and nerve-racking it can be not knowing if you are going to pass.  The truth is that even really skilled clinicians can have difficulties and not test well.  I’ve had many nurses … Read more

What is neurogenic bowel?

What is neurogenic bowel? Loss of control of the bowels is referred to as fecal incontinence.  There are many causes of fecal incontinence but one reason is when there is damage or an injury to the neurological system.  Neurogenic bowel is the term used when there is a loss of control of the bowel as … Read more

Intermittent catheterization vs Indwelling catheters

Intermittent catheterization vs Indwelling catheters When the bladder is unable to empty properly, your doctor may recommend you insert a catheter to allow urine to exit the body.  Intermittent catheterization refers to inserting a catheter into the bladder via the urethra intermittently, commonly every 4-6 hours.  This is in contrast to an indwelling catheter such … Read more