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What People Say About Our Mentoring Services!

"I reached out to Jeffrey for advice on becoming an ATP.  He not only helped me pass the exam but gave me great advice on finding a good place to work.  I went from making 60K to 120K in one year.  Hands down best decision I made!"

"I was tired of being in the rat race and reached out to Jeffrey for advice.  If it were not for him, I would have never gotten my current sales role.  My first year was the first time I ever made over 100K and I'm now on track to make 140K this year!"

"I had been wanting to start a business for a long time. Jeffrey was eager to help and gave me great advice.  I would have wasted so much money making mistakes and investing in the wrong marketing strategy if it were not for him.  Definitely recommend if you are thinking of being an entrepreneur."

"I was working as an OT manager but honestly felt stuck and was not making what I thought I should. Jeffrey gave me some great insights into different career paths. He helped me complete my application to get certified in technology and I am excited for the opportunity to make more!"

"I messaged Jeffrey because I actually wanted to do the same thing he was doing lol! He never viewed it as competition...he was so helpful and listed the exact steps to create a teaching and consulting business. It takes time to get things running but I got my first class at a major hospital making $1,800 for a 2-day class!  Much better than picking up a PRN shift on the weekend.  Highly recommend!"

What People Say About Our Classes!

“I can not say enough great things about Jeff and his classes. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to assist patients with bowel and bladder issues. The lecture was informative and Jeff was more than happy to answer any questions or give further explanation. I really appreciate the handouts that were provided and often refer to them to refresh my memory or clarification.”

"Thank you Jeff for being so informative, helpful, engaging and extremely patient. Also, thank you to Maggie for being bold and your willingness to be vulnerable by sharing your knowledge and personal experiences in order to educate others."

“I feel more confident in catheterization and teaching of self care, in addition to goal writing for catheterization.”

“Jeff was an amazing instructor and very informative with all the materials presented. I truly enjoyed this presentation!!!”

“This was one of the best CEU courses I have taken. Thank you so much for the information, hands-on lab and networking.”

"Jeff was the best!!! My ability to educate my patients has and will improve."