The Most Useful CEU Courses

Staying at the forefront of knowledge is paramount for professionals. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are the compass for ongoing learning, offering specialized courses to enhance expertise. 

At AppleTree CEU, we present a thoughtfully curated selection of the most useful CEU courses designed to elevate your professional growth and provide a comprehensive understanding of bladder and bowel management.

Bladder Management Course

Gain a thorough understanding of urological disorders with our Comprehensive Bladder Management Course. Gain invaluable tools to initiate bladder programs at your facility. From anatomy and physiology to evidence-based treatments, this course equips you with holistic approaches to treating clients dealing with incontinence. 

Explore essential skills such as intermittent catheterization for males and females, male external catheter management, and urostomy management.

To learn more about the Bladder Management Course, click here.

Bowel Management Course

Delve into the intricacies of gastrointestinal disorders with our Bowel Management Course. Equip yourself with tools to initiate bowel programs effectively. This course provides a comprehensive review of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system, laying the foundation for treating clients with fecal incontinence. Learn evidence-based interventions for common bowel disorders and occupation-based strategies for individuals with fecal diversions.

Explore the Bowel Management Course and register here.

Ostomy Management Certification Course

Elevate your expertise in ostomy care with our Ostomy Management Specialist Course. This unique perspective, led by an occupational therapist and a registered nurse with personal experience, offers insights you won’t find anywhere else. Prepare for the ostomy management specialist certification through a comprehensive course that covers common skin problems, pouching systems, and therapeutic interventions for daily living activities related to ostomy care.

By signing up for the course, you can access a complimentary 100-question practice exam, ensuring better preparation and the confidence to excel. Most importantly, our course is designed to enable certification in as little as 3 days, with a cost-effective approach compared to longer, pricier alternatives.

Before enrolling, visit nawccb.org to confirm your OMS board certification exam eligibility. Complete the NAWCO online application to kickstart your journey towards becoming a certified ostomy management specialist.

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Managing Neurogenic Bladder

Our Managing Neurogenic Bladder course provides a focused exploration of neurogenic bladder disorders. Gain a comprehensive overview of the anatomy and physiology related to micturition control. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for understanding and treating clients dealing with neurogenic bladder issues. The course covers intermittent catheterization techniques for male and female patients, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills to empower your clients toward greater independence in bladder management.

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Managing Neurogenic Bowel

Dive into the complexities of the neurogenic bowel with our dedicated course. Starting with an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system, this course provides the foundation for understanding and treating clients dealing with fecal incontinence due to neurogenic bowel issues. Learn evidence-based treatment interventions for upper and lower motor neuron injuries and explore effective strategies for implementing bowel programs.

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Ostomy Management

Explore the nuances of Ostomy Management and learn how to evaluate and treat clients with ostomies. The course commences with a comprehensive overview of the anatomy and physiology of the urinary and digestive systems. This foundational understanding sets the stage for effective treatment approaches addressing fecal and urinary diversions.

Participants will delve into the intricacies of common skin problems, pouching systems, and therapeutic interventions for activities of daily living as they pertain to ostomy care. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to provide optimal care for clients with ostomies through a client-centered approach.

Learn more and register for the Ostomy Management Course here.

Female Intermittent Catheterization

Maximize safety and independence with intermittent catheterization for female patients. This course overviews urinary system anatomy and covers catheter types, clinical reasoning, and sterile and clean intermittent catheterization techniques. Enhance your skills with adaptive tools and strategies to boost your client’s independence in bladder management.

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Male Intermittent Catheterization

Similarly, our Male Intermittent Catheterization course equips you with techniques to ensure safety and independence for male patients. Explore urinary system anatomy, catheter types, and clinical reasoning. Master sterile and clean intermittent catheterization techniques alongside adaptive tools and strategies for effective bladder management.

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Comprehensive CEU Courses Available Online

Whether you’re focusing on bladder management, bowel care, or ostomy management, AppleTree CEU has crafted a comprehensive series of courses to empower healthcare professionals. 

Register today to advance your expertise and provide optimal care for your clients.

For more information and to register for these courses, visit AppleTree CEU Courses.

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